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I interview founders and product leaders one year after their product launch to learn how their products and businesses have evolved, their ups and downs journey along the way, and what their experiences over the past year have taught them.


Designed to help you become a better founder and product leader.


Product Market Fit

How others are crossing the chasm from earlier adopter to mainstream consumer and accelerate adoption of their product.


Customer Acquisition

Insights into the distribution tactics that worked well and what people wish they had started doing earlier.



How to position early traction (or lack of traction) to investors and what they often look for in companies during the early fundraising rounds.


Scaling a Startup

Increase team velocity and hear how others overcame early stage obstacles.


Measuring Success

Choosing the right metrics to track so that you understand if you are delivering value to your customers.


Staying Focused

How to position early traction (or lack of traction) to investors and what they often look for in companies during the early fundraising rounds.

“Love it! Excellent interviews with real answers from product leaders about their experiences finding product market fit.”


Founder of Product Lessons

“One Year Wiser is packed with insights for product people at every level. So much content out there focuses on the launch alone, it's refreshing to hear folks share their stories one year later. Essential reading for product leaders!”


Director of Product at Code for America

“I’m a big fan! One Year Wiser is a great read. I love hearing from founders about how they’ve tackled the challenges of building a business.”


CEO of Indiegogo

“One Year Wiser gives an in-depth look into events happening in tech that don't often get talked about. It's difficult to know how product leaders handle situations from the inside - hearing it in their words has provided great context and learnings.”


Product Manager at Facebook

February 3, 2023
Vimcal and John Li

How a $5k check from a prospective customer saved Vimcal

December 13, 2022
Volley and Josh Little

Finding success while adjusting to a difficult tech landscape

June 30, 2022
Softr and Mariam Hakobyan

From 5k to 50k users in one year without spending a single dollar on marketing

March 16, 2022
Butter and Jakob Knutzen

How Butter is building a product to help facilitators host virtual workshops that people actually want to attend and beating the countless other companies trying to do the same thing

September 30, 2021
Toucan and Taylor Nieman

Rethinking language learning, beyond the game-like apps you always tell yourself you’ll use and never do

July 14, 2021
mmhmm and Phil Libin

A year after their beta launch they announced $100m in funding, the co-founder of Evernote outlines his approach to building impactful products

Become a better founder and product leader